Compare Sim Only Deals With Unlimited Data

High Data & Unlimited Internet Sim Only Plans

In theory, the great thing about an unlimited internet allowance is that you will never run out so you won’t go over your monthly allowance. Only a few mobile networks currently offer sim only deals with unlimited data. In fact, there are currently only 3 networks that do, Three Mobile, Smarty and GiffGaff.

Not so long ago, most networks charged more if you wanted extra texts in your mobile phone or sim only plan. Nowadays most of them offer unlimited texts as standard. Hopefully in the not too distant future this will apply with 4G plans.

Which Mobile Networks Offer Unlimited Data Sims?


The great thing about GiffGaff is that they are currently the cheapest for unlimited internet but unfortunately that comes with some big restrictions that you should be aware of. First of all, GiffGaff piggyback off the O2 network which makes us wonder why they can offer an unlimited allowance whilst O2 do not.

First of all it is known as ‘Always on Data’ and is restricted to 6GB at full 4G speed. Once you have reached your 6GB allowance the speed of your internet is reduced to 256 kbps between 8am and midnight.

Also, if you used to have Virgin Media for you home broadband you may remember how slow your internet speeds would go during certain times of the day. GiffGaff do the same with Traffic Flow. They do this to provide a better service for all of their customers although we suspect it’s more to do with O2 protecting their network.

Three Mobile

Three Mobile offer All You Can Eat Data on some of their 12 month sim only plans and 1 month rolling contracts. Three have recently lifted some of the usage restrictions that used to come with their unlimited 4G plans.

Whereas before, their fair usage policy meant that there was a cap on the amount you could really use. Now you can use all the data you like as long as you are in the UK.

If you are wondering if you can use all this allowance for tethering the answer is no. Instead there is a generous 30GB allowed within your allowance.

Do I Really Need a Sim Only Plan With Unlimited Internet?

Do you know that with some new Three sim only deals they have recently added something extra called Go Binge. This provides an unlimited data allowance for streaming music and videos from selected partners.

In order for you to be able to take advantage of this you must have some of your standard monthly internet allowance remaining. This only applies to new sim only deals that are on an Advanced plan with a minimum of 4GB data allowance.