Our Current Top 10 Sim Only Deals

Compare Best Sim Only Deals From 3 Mobile, Vodafone, EE, Smarty, Tesco Mobile and O2

Is the most important feature of your sim only plan the amount of minutes, texts, internet in your monthly allowance or do you look for a reliable network? Maybe it’s a low monthly price with you sim plan on your preferred network? Maybe you just want the best value for money sim card? With YibYab, we compare the UK’s best sim only deals. Browse through our current top 10 sim only plans.

Money Saving Offers With The Best UK Sim Only Plans.

Money Saving Offers With The Best UK Sim Only Plans.

We offer some of the cheapest sim only offers and there isn’t a better time to get a great deal than now! There are so many fantastic offers available at the moment whilst Three, EE, O2 and Vodafone compete to offer you a great plan with value for money.

Our sim only contracts are updated daily so when a network introduces a new sim only plan then you are the first to know. Choose from 30 day plans or save even more money by signing up to a 12 month contract.

Compare Special Offers on Sim Plans

Are you looking for exclusive special offers? Many of the networks including 3 Mobile, Vodafone, EE and O2 are competing with money saving special sim only offers, voucher codes or even shopping vouchers as an incentive. You could sign up for a special sim only offer and not only save on the price for that month but save every month of the year compared to the regular price.

Do You Want Unlimited Calls, Texts or Minutes?

You may even want unlimited calls, unlimited texts or sim only deals with unlimited internet but are not sure which is best for you? Get in touch and let us know with your budget and needs and then we will recommend something to suit you within 24 hours. Why wait for new offers on contract sim cards when they are already here for you to choose from. The Sim Group helps you to get more for your money by comparing the cheapest sim only plans.

Do I Choose 12 Month or 1 Month Sim Only Contract?

Now that’s a question worth considering! The cheapest sim only deals are usually found when you sign up to a 12 month contract. So if you are happy to sign up for the long term then you will save a lot of money over the period of your contract.

With 12 month sim deals you generally save about £5 a month or £60 a year compared to 30 day sim only plans. The reason they do it like that is simple. You have made a long term commitment to them and in return they give you the same plan but for cheaper.

Now if you are the sort of person that only wants to commit to 30 days then you are not left out at all. There are still some fantastic plans for you and you can compare our list of the top 10 current 30 day sim only plans. Either way we compare the best sim only offers on the internet.

3 Mobile

A mobile phone is not just for phone calls and 3 Mobile realise this. As mobile phones are increasingly becoming more internet friendly as more people are using their phones for browsing online and social networking. If you are searching for sim only deals with internet then Three Mobile could be right up your street. Some of their sim plans come with the option of All You Can Eat Data (unlimited internet). When you choose 3 sim only you are signing up to the only network built specifically for mobile internet.

If you like to text a lot then all sim only contracts on 3 Mobile include unlimited texts as standard. One of the great things about a sim only plan with 3 Mobile is the fact that you can use your phone abroad at no extra cost as any minutes, texts or mobile internet that you use come straight out of your monthly allowance. If you want unlimited data, that’s not a problem with Three because that offer many plans with All You Can Eat Data. If you are fed up of having to pay for calls that you shouldn’t normally have to, with 3 they now include free calls to 0800 and 0500 numbers as standard.


Receive fantastic sim only offers with O2 from as little as £8.50 per month. So why else would you choose O2? For the last 6 years in a row, O2 have ranked No1 for best customer service by Ofcom. Worried about using up your data allowance whilst you are out and about? You don’t have to because they offer free O2 WiFi for you connect to. In fact with the free TU GO app you can actually call and text via WiFi, saving your monthly minutes and text allowances for other times that you may need them.

If you want you keep your number when you change to O2 pay monthly sim plans, it’s not a problem as they make the process nice and easy. With Priority Moments you will be able to buy tickets to selected sporting and music events 48 hours before they go on general sale. There are also many money off deals on the high street with O2 such as the £1 Monday lunch offer.

EE (Everything Everywhere)

EE were the first UK mobile network to offer all their customers 4G as standard. With many of EE sim only plans you can receive Super Fast 4GEE which can offer up to the double standard data speed of normal 4G. Never again will you have to put up with buffering when you are watching the latest movies on your mobile phone.

If you live in or around the London area or in fact you plan to visit London, the chances are you are going to use the London Underground. EE offer free WiFi to its sim only customers at over 100 London Underground stations which enables you to be able to make phone calls and stay connected to the internet. EE also offer special deals to its customers for home broadband with both standard and fibre broadband deals on offer.


Vodafone sim only plans start from as little as £8.50 a month a basic plan with 300 minutes and 500 texts and 250MB of data. Currently with all 12 month sim only plans you will receive unlimited data for the first 3 months. Vodafone also include free calls to 0800 and 0808 numbers, with 0845 numbers there is a standard 0.23p access charge.

So what else is great about Vodafone Sim Only Plans? If your credit rating isn’t very good Vodafone offer the Flexible Upgrade. This is where you have the chance to sign up to a 12 monthly sim plan and after 3 months you are given the option to upgrade to a mobile phone tariff instead.

Vodafone offer a fixed price promise on all 12 month contract sim cards which states that as long as you stay within the limits of your initial agreement, the price will ALWAYS be the same. With most Vodafone Red plans you have the option to choose between 6 or 12 months of access to either Now TV, Sky Sports Mobile included.

Bad Credit May Not Be as Big of a Problem as You May Think

Why settle for pay as you go when you could save money with a sim card on contract?

Some of the cheapest sim only contracts on a monthly basis are not as hard to be accepted for as a mobile phone contract. Networks are more likely to approve this type of plan because there is a smaller risk. Think about it, if you tried to sign up for a mobile phone then the mobile network has to outlay the cost of the handset, which could be up to £500 whereas with a sim only deal they are just giving you the card which costs next to nothing. Improve your credit rating to help you to get a mobile phone on contract in the future.

Many people make the mistake of thinking that they may not qualify for pay monthly sims and settle for pay as you go when they could be getting a better deal on a 12 month or 1 month rolling contract. We compare sim only so that you can find the mobile offers. With deals from Vodafone, O2, EE and 3 Mobile you can be sure that you will find the cheapest current sim only offers in the UK.